Featured Guest: Ashleigh Kaspszak of The New Mart

"When Retail Buyers visit the New Mart, they are looking through a curated collection of the most sought-out, sophisticated, and cutting edge collections available on the market."

This is so special! We are so happy to be bringing The New Mart to our readers. The New Mart is a huge LA fashion house that stringently decides on the top designers and displays their fashion designs for retail consumers. They have played a role in the LA fashion scene's massive take-off as a fashion destination. We were so excited when we got to interview the lovely Ashleigh from The New Mart, who told us so much about this fantastic organisation. She has even let you in on a little-known secret - the day when they open their doors to sell directly to the public, and at sale prices. Want to find out more? Have a read!

Hi Ashleigh, good day! We have received a few emails regarding your amazing building that has a rich history. Do you mind introducing yourself?

​My name is Ashleigh Kaspszak, and I am the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for The New Mart Building in Downtown Los Angeles.​

The New Mart Building began its incarnation as the Harris Newmark Building in 1926, designed by famed architects Curlett & Beelman. Has it been always as a posh location for retail stores, offices and manufacturing?

​A posh location,Yes, but more so for manufacturing in the early days, and in fact - it was under our current ownership, that the building was transformed into the wholesale fashion showroom high-rise it is today. We actually just wrapped a video, 'History of The New Mart' which gives you even more detail on the history of the FIRST high-rise in Los Angeles. ​

What is the New Mart today?

​The New Mart building has been known as THE destination for contemporary apparel and accessories for over 30 years. Retail buyers are able to come here and shop hundreds of collections while staying in one building. In the last few years, we have seen an increase in the number of menswear lines carried here, making the New Mart today THE destination for Womens, Mens and Childrens contemporary apparel and accessories.

What is a Market Week?

​Market Week is a 5-time annual event held in the Los Angeles Fashion District, when Retail Buyers from all over the world visit to shop the newest collections, and purchase new inventory for their stores. During this buying event we see retailers from both corporate and boutique operations. In the last few years our attendance statistics have shown an increase in the number of new stores coming to the building. But it's no surprise, as our showrooms represent some of the most innovative and sustainable focused lines on the market today. During Market Week there are shows, seminars, and after hour events. Market Week is a hot time to come to LA, and there is most definitely something here for every Buyer to see. ​

Do you have Fashion Week at the New Mart?

​Right now 'Fashion Week' in LA is a hot button issue. We don't have ONE, we have several production companies trying to host this event. It's a mess, and the truth is the industry participates in MARKET WEEK, not FASHION WEEK (as of right now). Fashion Week is the entertainment platform for presenting designer collections, while Market Week is thetime when designers actually sell their product to stores. I think the industry, especially LA, needs both of these events working in tandem for ultimate success, and

have already taken the steps to bring both sides together for a discussion.

The future of both Los Angeles Fashion Week and Los Angeles Market Week is exciting - and I believe the best years are yet to come. Also it's noticeable that many major design houses i.e., LV, Burberry, Tom Ford, etc., have moved their fashion shows to event spaces/private homes around LA this last year. The growth spurt in LA's Fashion scene is real, and it's a beautiful thing to watch (especially with the infusion of technology into the R&D sector of our industry). In the US, New York Fashion was thought to be the center of the industry - but that's not the case anymore (especially in a global economy). LA Fashion is a true tour de force!

If your buyers missed the Market Week, how do they make sure that they are up to date?

​The building is open to the trade year-round as our showrooms operate here permanently, so even Buyers who visit in-between markets can shop. ​We also have the New Mart Network which produces a mini-documentary series featuring the icons and ​decision makers of the industry talking about the past, present and future. And last but not least, we send out a valuable newsletter before each Market Week complete with economic reports/statistical analysis, newtechnology features, and info on what's happening locally.

With cutting edge showrooms carrying 1000 collections - the New Mart is the most sought after venue for fashion buyers from around the world. That's a lot! How do the fashion buyers filter all these information if they are just shopping for fashion clothes and accessories?

​Buyers Love The New Mart. We only carry clothing, footwear and accessories collections :) And believe it or not, but it's possible for Buyers to get introduced to the entire building in just 45 minutes. We design and print a new directory book before each Market Week. This directory book is a guide to shopping the building (and in the back of it there are categories of merchandise to help narrow focus when necessary).

What can people expect from Trade Shows?

​At trade shows attendees can expect to see a curated collection of exhibitors (there for the specific purpose of that show). At the New Mart we have three resident shows - The MODA 360 show, The Designers & Agents (aka D&A) show, and Factory Direct. Each of these shows have their own mission and purpose to attract attendees. i.e., for the Designers & Agents show attendees are mostly retail buyers, while the Factory Direct show sees mostly industry personnel, yet the MODA 360 show sees cross-industry attendance and A LOT of press. Visitors should do their research and be prepared before attending any industry event.

How do fashion professionals participate in the trade shows?

​To exhibit at one of the trade shows, you should reach out to the various agencies that manage them. Some admit everyone, others do not - it just depends.​

​For more information on our resident shows, check them out at www.newmart.net/trade-shows

For consumers, why the New Mart?

​Retail consumers come to the New Mart for Sample Sales (if their smart). We don't promote these, as it's kind of a secret, but on the last Friday of every month (and every Friday in December)​. The showrooms open their doors to sell samples direct to the public. Fashionistas and new business' line up for the opportunity to purchase these designer samples (that are often times from a collection that is not yet available in stores).

BUT ​the main visitors, or consumers, coming to the New Mart are ​Retail Buyers

​The New Mart is a curated building, with management turning down 2 of 3 leasing applications on average. When Retail Buyers visit the New Mart, they are looking through a curated collection of the most sought-out, sophisticated, and cutting edge collections available on the market. ​

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thenewmart/

Website: www.NewMart.net

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheNewMart

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheNewMart

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