Featured Photographer & Director: Julie Healy

"As artists we do not live a mundane life and that is something to be super appreciative of."

Julie Healy is a beautiful person who blew us away with the amazing photos she sent us. We knew straight away that she had to be interviewed on Model Citizen App! Julie isn't new to the industry, she has been a model, an actress, a camera assistant and now a photographer and director. Her Instagram is definitely worth a view, including some great travelling shots too! We love Julie's down-to-earth personality, and we wish her the best success in her dream to become a director. Please enjoy Julie's interview!

Tell us something interesting about you.

I have been in the business for over 25 years.. First as a International Model, then Actress, followed by Camera Assistant and Photographer.. Finally I am working towards my dream job as a Director.

What person has been your inspiration in life? Who is your hero?

So many people have inspired me greatly it is hard to mention just one.. However Hayley Storer was my first modelling teacher and she was not only an incredible model but had such a fantastic human with a fabulous sense of humour and comedic timing that I wanted to be like her in all ways.. Vivacious, happy, intelligent, beautiful, successful and a big goofball she was the best mentor for my teenage years.

If you had to do it over again, what would you change?

Nothing at all.. I have achieved some success as model certainly, however as a Photographer and Director I am dreaming and working hard towards the future I envision. I don't know if I will ever feel satisfied and I understand that most artists feels a similar way.

How do you stay inspired?

Pinch myself more and appreciate being in the moment.

What tips can you recommend?

Work as hard as you can.. If you love what you do it will not be work.. As artists we do not live a mundane life and that is something to be super appreciative of.

What tips could you recommend to other budding photographers?

Being open to life, people, adventures, movies, long walks, exercise, meditation helps me imensely and being grateful.

What is your opinion on education and classes in the industry?

I feel working on set gives you so much more education than theory in a class.. Assist, surround yourself with the world you want to be in and be lovely to work with.. No one likes negative people on set :)

How can people reach you for a job?

Best way would be to email me.. I am happy to negotiate on rates if possible.

What is your favourite camera?

I am a Canon Girl as that is what I started on.. Its the Lens that are my babies and love my 85mm f/1.2. Usually I hire whatever I need on a job... However as a model I worked with film and loved the 4x5 and 8x10 cameras.. Those images to me were so beautiful, like paintings.. I would love to own one oneway and have the film to shoot with it.

Tell us your most memorable moment.

I was opening a show in Paris for Theirry Mugler with 1 other model, We were newbies surrounded by 90's supermodels. I was in heaven and so in awe of these incredible beauties.. Unfortunately though one (who I will not name and she is still super famous) was really mean to me about a minute before I walked onstage.. I didn't let it throw me (so much adrenaline was pumping trough my body) but found it so weird that someone so incredibly beautiful would feel threatened by me.. I use this story and many other backstage 90s catwalk stories when I train new models.. It doesn't matter how big you become there will always be someone new coming up the ranks...Even the most beautiful, successful and powerful people feel insecure.. Don't let it rattle you, accept it as a compliment and shine BIG.

Contact Information:

Email: julie@juliehealy.com

Instagram: @juliehealy

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