Featured Fashion Stylist & Designer: Ivanka Blazevic

"I came to live in Auckland, New Zealand from Belgrade Serbia 21 years ago."

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I am an artist - hair, make up, fashion stylist and worked on a 51 year old model on Editorial photo shoots and completely organized 2 fashion shows " Romance in Paris" and " " African drums " (organized them, sourced outfits, have done hair , make up, fashion styled 10 models for each fashion show, organized music). For those fashion shows I had help from Samala Robinson (school of make up) for some make up and for one of the shows Servilles hair academy had done hair on my models and my friend Milica Milenkovic and me did make up on all models. Models were scouted from the streets of Auckland and haven't had any catwalk experience. I have taught them how to catwalk and present garments. I came to live in Auckland, New Zealand from Belgrade Serbia 21 years ago.

Why do you want this fashion stylist job?

To work on Fashion shows and Editorial work and creating unique looks.

What have you learned from mistakes on the fashion stylist job?

I haven't had mistakes as yet.

What challenges are you looking for in this fashion stylist position?

I am looking for challenges that will push me enough to reach my full potential.

Describe a typical work week for fashion stylist position?

Going to different and not necessarily only fashion stores to boost my imagination.

What is your biggest weakness?

I haven't discovered my styling weakness as yet.

If clients are reading your interview, why should they hire you as their fashion stylist?

I am an artist, hair, make up and fashion stylist. I combine all skills in to one profession and do my best to bring artistic and creative approach to the fashion styling.

What companies have you worked for in the past?


Tell us your most recent project.

Collaboration Editorial photo shoot with amazing Brazilian photographer Danilo Santana David.

What's the dream?

To add artistic approach to fashion styling.

What was your most challenging experience so far and how did you overcome that?

Having to organize editorial photo shoot in very short time. I overcame that as I am very organized individual.

Tell us your most memorable experience as a fashion stylist?

Collaboration photo shoot with very creative New Zealand photographer Vanessa Wood (Suede Sudios).

What advice could you give to the aspiring and amateur fashion stylist?

Work your passion in to your profession by determination and hard work.

Booking information:

Instagram: @ivankajevtovic

Email: blazevic1965@gmail.com

Facebook: Ivanka Jevtovic

Photo Credits:

Image creating, hair, make up and fashion styling by @ivankajevtovic

Photography @suede_studios

Photography @susiepeacockphotographer



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